“Gold from Belle Maison Agency helped me find an Executive Business Assistant. I had very specific qualifications and needs for this person which are not the norm. Gold worked through hundreds of resumes and found 3 great candidates that fit our needs. I cannot thank Gold enough for finding the one best fit for our firm. It has changed my life and I am very thankful. Gold really listened and understood what I needed & helped me find the perfect fit. She is very professional, does not waste any time, determined and will work hard until she gets the job done. She is excellent at what she does and I would highly recommend Belle Maison Agency.”

–Jennifer M.
Sherman Oaks, CA

“I was referred by a fried to work with Jen at Belle Maison for a nanny search. I run a business and I understand 5 star service. Jen at Belle Maison provided 5 star plus service. She is an expert at what she does and it shows. Within 24 hours she provided two excellent candidates. She was available on the weekend via telephone and email. I could not have been more pleased with this agency and the service that was provided to me.”

–Mellisa P.
Marina Del Rey, CA

“I had the pleasure to work with Jen and Belle Maison in 2014 while I searched for a position as a full-time nanny. Working with Jen was one of the most rewarding, if not THE most rewarding, experiences I have ever had as a candidate for hire, in any field.
Belle Maison is the first agency I have ever worked with that truly follows the model of finding families and candidates the right, natural, organic match for them. It was a breath of fresh air, especially in Los Angeles, to work so closely with individuals who genuinely kept my well-being, happiness and livelihood at the top of their priorities.
Please look no further than Jen and Belle Maison to assist and support you in your search for domestic employment! They will be the best decision you can make for yourself and your career.
Thank you Jen and Belle Maison a million times over!”

–Cassidy V.
Culver City, CA

“Recently I had an extraordinary experience. I called Belle Maison and requested that they help me with staffing needs in my home. Jen and Gold immediately responded with well thought out questions that would help them match my needs with the perfect candidate. Not only did they have a system in place to analyze my needs, they also included in the equation the importance of “chemistry.” After only three candidate presentations, I found the perfect person for my home. Jen and Gold made my experience profoundly pleasant..personally and professionally. They were always invested in the details of each level of our journey and followed up several times just to be sure that I was still confident and happy with their placement. I intend to use Belle Maison for all of my staffing requirements in the future..and I’ve recommended Belle Maison to everyone I know!”

–Private Client,
Malibu, CA.

“We were looking to hire a highly qualified, trustworthy and personable executive assistant. Belle Maison had the best reviews, so we decided to try them first. They sent many excellent candidates. We selected Kim because of her outstanding organizational skills combined with a very warm personality. She doesn’t just do the things that are asked of her. She takes it upon herself to do the extra things we have not even thought of, to make our busy lives easier. It’s great to have someone with such high passion and self motivation. Working with Kim has been a dream come true.”

–Michael T.
Hollywood, CA

“I’ve worked with Belle Maison and their principal Gold Mac Ivor numerous time to hire staff for special events for high-end clientele. They are considered a “one-stop” resource for all domestic needs. From chefs, to PA’s to bartenders, just about any kind of staff can be hired through these ladies. Gold and Jen are business women that I trust and feel that I can be honest with my needs.”

–Nicole W.
Hollywood, CA

“A year and a half ago, Belle Maison brought me in, and got me a position as a personal assistant. 
I have never worked with a more professional agency – and through it all, they have made sure that everything went, as it should. 
I am very happy for my job – and I know it was important for Belle Maison, to find the perfect match for my boss – but also for me.
 Through the past 18 months; Belle Maison has stayed in touch with me – making sure that I am happy – and satisfied with my job. I’m sure they have been in contact with my boss as well – cause this is how they are, professionals, and follow everything to the door. 
I have only positive things to say about my relations with Belle Maison – and their professionalism towards me – and my boss – have been amazing. 
This is not the average agency. This is professional people; with a human touch. I know, that should any problems occur, they would assist and help me right away.
If you are looking for an agency – this should be your number one go to!”

–Claus K.
Los Angeles, CA

“I was looking for a part time nanny and I found Belle Maison online. They sent me several very qualified and lovely candidates and after making the final decision on a nanny I am happy to say 6 months later we can’t go a day w/o her! I have recommended this agency to many of my friends and they love them as well. Truly professional and reliable.”

–Jennifer O.
Sherman Oaks, CA