Baby Nurse/Doula

  • Helps the new mother with all aspects of care for a baby, from feedings to washing clothes and keeping the nursery clean. She is not responsible for care for the mother or any household duties outside of the nursery. These tend to be temporary jobs, with Baby Nurses usually working 12 or 24-hour shifts for a duration of 2 weeks to 3 months.


  • Protects clients when in public and helps maintain their privacy. A Bodyguard may be the driver, a chaperone or remain at the house, possibly working with a team. He or she is usually physically fit and trained in personal protection techniques and martial arts. A Bodyguard may be required to carry a firearm. Past experience as a police officer may be required.


  • The Butler is customarily responsible for a single residence, supervising household staff, setting up the household and ensuring all duties are fulfilled. Typical duties include ordering household supplies, setting and serving a formal table, caring for the silver, china, and crystal and overseeing dinner parties and other events held in the home. A Butler should have good knowledge of wines and may be required to use a computer.
  • A Houseman is usually responsible for the heavy housework, such as cleaning the hardwood and marble floors, vacuuming and polishing silver and brass and repairs. He may be required to care for the front entry area of the house and the walkways. In a home where there is only a Houseman, he typically does what a Housekeeper would.


  • Has full charge of the outside and inside maintenance of the home. Typical duties include painting, gardening, plumbing, carpentry, overseeing workmen and scheduling annual repairs. A Caretaker also oversees the care and repair of the automobiles and other maintenance equipment (lawnmowers, snow blowers, etc.). A Caretaker may be a live-in position.

Chauffeur / Driver

  • A Chauffeur will typically be responsible for driving family members and guests to social and professional appointments. He or she is also expected to care for the car, making sure it is always clean and operating properly. A Chauffeur may also be required to work in the office of the employer, doing filing or faxing, and maybe even do errands. Often the hours vary, so flexibility is important.

Chef / Cook

  • A Cook or Chef prepares detailed menus and food for most or all family and social events. A Cook or Chef may also prepare meals for the staff. The household Chef is responsible for anything food or kitchen-related, including organization, clean up, shopping for all food-related supplies and menu planning. There are many levels of cooks from the basic family cook to the school trained gourmet chef.

Couple / Estate Couple / Domestic Couple

  • A full charge household team. Typically a married couple, usually one person is responsible for the inside of the home: cleaning, cooking, shopping, menu planning, laundry, serving and overseeing the daily activities of the house. The other person is responsible for the outside grounds, gardening, light maintenance, repair and maintenance of machinery and automobile care. In more formal situations, Couples may only oversee the inside of the house. Housing is usually provided.

Elder Care

  • Elder Caretakers help with every aspect of daily living, from driving to appointments and companionship, to housekeeping and personal assistance. They help the seniors you love live safely and comfortably at home, instead of in a senior care facility. Elder Caretakers may assist with meal preparation & clean-up, light housekeeping and home maintenance, shopping & errands, bathing and/or stand-by assistance with bathing, dressing, and calendaring/daily reminders, in

Estate / Household Manager

  • Primarily a chief administrator, the Estate or Household Manager assumes a leadership role for managing the staff and services for one or more homes. This may include interviewing and supervising all contractors, attending to the proper care of automobiles, wine cellar and other functions and managing accounts.

Executive Assistant

  • Executive assistants work for a company officer at either a public or private company and possess the authority to make crucial decisions affecting the direction of such organizations. The executive assistant performs the usual roles of managing correspondence, preparing research, and communication while also acting as the “gatekeeper,” understanding in varying degree the requirements of the executive, and with an ability through this understanding to decide which scheduled events or meetings are most appropriate for allocation of the executive’s time.

Gardener / Landscaper

  • A Gardener may possibly have a degree in horticulture, and cares for formal gardens, lawns, shrubs, flowers and other gardens. The Gardener also supervises any outside vendors who come on the grounds and orders supplies and equipment for the estate. A top of the line Gardener would have knowledge of insecticides and chemical application. Many have greenhouse experience as well. Housing is often included. This job can also be combined with a caretaker position.

Housekeeper / Maid

  • A Housekeeper is in charge of running the home, which may include overseeing other employees, cleaning, doing the laundry, ironing, dusting, silver polishing, vacuuming and running errands. Housekeeper duties may also include some meal preparation and/or childcare duties. Housekeepers can live-in or out.
  • Some homes require ladies’ maids, chamber maids, kitchen maids, parlor maids and/or upstairs maids. More common in larger homes, these positions are usually responsible for cleaning and maintaining one particular area of the home. Ladies’ maids or personal maids may be required to do an employer’s hair, help her dress and undress, pack for trips, and keep her clothes in order.


  • A Laundress washes, irons and steams clothing, table linens and sheets, as well as organizes the closets and dressers. She may also be required to care for the polishing of shoes.

Nanny / Governess

  • Nannies are in charge of organizing and coordinating the children’s activities, preparing their meals and keeping their rooms and play areas clean. He or she may have several years of college or a degree and ideally a CPR or First Aid Certificate. A Governess is a Nanny with formal education related to childcare or education who may home school / tutor children and all aspects of childcare when parents are away for extended periods.

Personal Assistant / Family Assistant

  • A Personal Assistant is responsible for keeping up with the social and professional demands of an employer. Duties may include keeping track of the family agenda, arranging for reservations of various events, travel bookings, event planning, some secretarial responsibilities, shopping and running errands.
  • A Family Assistant is responsible for the same tasks as a Personal Assistant, with the addition of child-related duties.