Our Mission:

Every aspect of the Belle Maison agency is founded on one underlying purpose: Fulfilling all your domestic staffing needs—even the ones you may not realize you have! That’s what more than ten years of first-hand industry experience allows us to accomplish. We stand alongside you, discern your unique requirements, and deliver only the finest results. With Belle Maison, clients never receive anything less than the best, guaranteed.

Our History:

Through active participation in the domestic staffing industry in the Los Angeles community, we saw the need for an upscale, personalized, and highly professional staffing agency. More than ten years of experience in domestic service has given us unparalleled insight into what it takes to perfectly match candidate performance and client expectations. We are unfailingly proud of our growing track record of providing clients with the highest quality of household staff.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee absolute thoroughness and honesty during the entire course of our work together. We pledge tireless effort on your behalf until you are 100% satisfied with our staffing results. We will remain your constant guide in forming job descriptions, identifying prospects, conducting interviews and background checks, final selections, and beyond. We guarantee that all clients and candidates will encounter the highest levels of discretion, professionalism, and diplomacy with our team of experts.