The Live-in or Live-out Dilemma

Live-in or Live-out Dilemma

A live-in role opening can be a fantastic opportunity whether you’re a Nanny, Housekeeper, Caregiver, Houseman, Doula etc. Knowing if a live-in role is a fit for you is imperative for your success. So what’s the difference? The prospective live-in personnel typically resides in the home, or property owned by the principles at a near by location and can be contracted on a part-time or full-time basis. Live-in staff typically work five days a week and have two days off, however schedules may vary. The Principal/s provide a private bedroom or wing specifically for their live-in employee and in general, also provide a private bathroom and occasionally, a private kitchen/eating quarters


Advantages of being a live-in employee may include:

  • no commuting
  • job security (most live-in roles tend to be long-term commitments)
  • a consistent schedule and steady pay
  • overall comfortable living arrangements


Be Mindful

Often times live-in roles, whether previously mentioned or not may include the following 3 general responsibilities:

•  Assisting with getting the children ready for school, as well as transporting them to and from either the bus stop, school, or activities
•  Meal prep and/or kitchen assistance during holidays/special occasions
• On-call services, as needed

Live-in roles can be a marvelous opportunity, but unfortunately are not a one size fits all. We encourage vast research and to always listen to your heart when deciding on your best match!


Emin Bora Boke, Social Media Marketing Intern 
Jeslie Martinez, Belle Maison Agency’s Head of Domestic Staffing Division
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